About Friendz

The k-12 social network

Friendz is a social network designed to assist children in learning digital literacies. This site is just a piece of the ClassCloud Canada network of sites that give the power of the web to the classroom.

Learn Social Communication

Communicate like you already do in other social networks, just with your own rules and NO ADVERTISING! Write posts and updates, share files, like and comment just the way you want it.

Say hello to "Spaces"

The communication in Friendz works with spaces. A space can literally be anything, a project, a group or just a simple topic. You can make your posts in your own profile steam or in a space. 

The "Welcome Space" is the default space that everybody has access to. You can create your own spaces and invite people to join. You can set the visibility of each space to be Public (Members & Guests), Public (Members only), or Private (Invisible). You can also set the join policy to only by invite, invite and request, or everyone can join. This means you have full control over who and how others access your spaces.

Once you have your custom space you can enhance it with modules like:

Custom pages: Allows to add pages (markdown, iframe or links) to the space navigation

Gallery: Adds gallery module to this space.

Link List: Adds a link list to spaces or user profiles.

Polls: Allows to start polls.

Tasks: Simple taskmanager for your spaces.

Diagrams: Create and link to Diagrams created on our Diagramz site

Documents: Create and share docs, spreadsheets and presentations.


Many Features:


Well informed about things related to you


Monitor work and communications at a glance


Overview and fast access to the most important information

Post, comment, follow, like and connect with other

The digital business card for each user


Organize user in departments, branches or anything else


Find spaces, users and groups in a sorted way


Share documents, media files and discuss about it


Share content also with non-registered users


Find people, discussions and files easily


Use it with all kind of modern devices like smart phones and tablets


We are constantly working with love on new features